Perfect-Edge is a small London based design company.

Production Design, Art Direction, Styling. Props and Models.
Interior Design, Furniture Design, Project Management.

All Art Department Crew:
Standby art directors, set dressers, scenic artists, set decorators, set carpenters, model makers, prop makers, poly carvers, graphic designers.

Our clients work in: Fashion, Film, TV, Theatre, Events, Commercials, Exhibitions Interior and Furniture Design. Some recent names we have worked for are Microsoft, BT, IKEA, MTV, T Mobile,


Perfect-Edge was formed by in 2001 by Designer/Stylist Louisa D'Arcy.


Louisa D'Arcy has a BA in Cultures & Belief Systems, from Greenwich University. After graduating she worked as a freelance designer & decorator, joining the film industry in 2002 as a runner at Pinewood Studios. An art direction credit followed in 2003 with the feature film 'Everything' starring Ray Winstone. She set up design company Perfect-Edge with production designer Christophe Spurling ' in 2005.

Her Singaporean roots and modern British upbringing colour her creative inclinations. Lou uses anthropology to reason her approach to Art Direction. She is inspired by regional interests and urban art forms.

Louisa's work no longer fits into a classic interior design frame work and has evolved to embody production design, art direction and stills photography.

'On Road' Stills

'everything' 2003

Alter Ego Rockers Colonel Blimp project

paint / varnish effect + wall paper

paint + wall paper




Lou on the set of 'Slam'

Vibe Bar London Brick Lane

A Conceptual Model of set

Quiz TV Bar set

paint effect

paint / varnish effect + wall paper